Press Releases


I found this Press Release to be very detailed and informative. I liked how it not only spoke for one company but for many. It gave detailed reports on the upcoming status’ of News Corp., Time Warner, Disney, Starz and Imax. Press Releases such as this one that gives the following readers and supporters of the companies specific information is good because it allows readers to be involved in future major decisions involving the companies.


This Press Release is interesting because it is to campaign and it’s a collaboration between Coca-Cola Company and American Idol. This shows that companies can work together to achieve an ultimate goal which in this case is to promote and help and American Idol contestant, while giving advertisement to Coca-Cola.


This press release allows readers and customers to be aware of when Ford is doing something to help the company and the environment. This release breaks down the details of how they have save not only money but their results have been Eco-friendly. I like how it is written to inform both customers and other companies. Since water supply has been a big issue in the last few years it was smart for Ford to come out with a press release showing how they have improved their water usage over the years.


Online Collaboration Systems…….advantages and pitfalls.

Dear Fellow Readers,

As those of you who follow me already know I am writing a book about the advantages and potential pitfalls of using online collaboration systems for virtual team projects. I would like to include real-life examples from a variety of industries. That is why I am ask you followers to join me in my journey of research by submitting brief descriptions of your experiences using collaboration tools for team projects. Please feel free to email me stories of how well a specific system or approached worked for you. For those of you who agree to take this journey with me you will receive an autographed copy of the book as thanks, but I would need you to sign a release form if I use your stories. I encourage you guys to use real names of people, companies, and software, you can keep the anecdotes anonymous if you require. Thank you readers and if you have any questions or concerns please email me or reply to this post.

To stay on schedule, I need to have these stories by May 20


Cover Letter

no name

rich st.

Weath, VA 22193

February 11, 2013

Alex Zaczkiewicz

Charles Koch Institute

1515 N. Courthouse Rd.

Suite 200

Arlington, VA 22201

Dear Alex Zaczkiewicz:

As a senior at the University I will be graduating in May, I am answering your ad because I believe I can offer your firm an unusual mix of abilities, talents, and enthusiasm. For instance:

  • My major in Business Administration demonstrates my willingness to assume more than the typical level of responsibility and to achieve in a challenging environment.
  • Through my coursework and involvement in Phi Beta Lambda, I have acquired computer proficiency and a profound belief in the importance of effective communication in today’s growing entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • While working part-time in retail since 2006 I have gained experience in customer service, sales, and I am well-disciplined when it comes to communication and leadership skills.

As you can see, I am goal-oriented, driven, and not afraid of hard work¾qualifications vital to anyone who will be a productive staff member for your firm, as I would like to be.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Institute and I look forward to hearing from you so that we may schedule an interview.




Selecting the Right Medium

When it comes to Business Administration there are many different  forms of communication to use to get ones message across. I believe the most important mediums to use in the business field is  oral media, written media, and electronic media. Oral media is essential because in business one is always having to present in front of coworkers, board members, and often times stock holders. Using speeches and in person presentations is often the best method to use when having to present to those people.  Written media is critical because one has to be able to communicate with their everyday working peers whether it’s through memos on the assignments that need to be done or letters to show praise to those doing well. Electronic media is most helpful to deliver brief messages that need to be sent throughout the company for all eyes to see whether it be an email on new protocol or a video showing  new promotions for the week. Selecting the right medium is essential to ones message being received as intended to.  

Corporate America

When it comes to Corporate America professional communication skills are needed just as much as a preacher needs his bible. With a business administration major professional communication skills are extremely important if you want to be able to get hired in your field. Also to remain relevant and a factor in that career you have to have those professional communication skills that not only show your expertise but the skills that persuade, encourage, create, and provide a large clientele.  Also once you have that clientele that you built through your professional communication skills being able to keep that clientele informed, relevant, and secure is also essential. Having professional communication skills such as knowing when to turn on the charm to close a deal,  knowing business etiquette to have luncheons with faculty,  being well spoken,  and respectful are important keys. Professional communication skills benefit business administration majors not only because writing skills  is critical to the work field but being able to talk to people is most important because people always want to feel like their being listened to, respected, and encouraged. 


Hello everyone,
I am a senior in college that has yet figured out exactly what career path to choose. Although i am a business administration major I do not know which type of job opportunities I want to pursue. I often feel like time is running out on how long I have to make a final decision on what I want to do after graduation. I am very family orientated so i believe my decision not only has to benefit me but those close to me. I have a lot of thinking and contemplating ahead of me. Wish me luck!